New AOCM Website

AOCM website 2008

Today we launched to new website for the Association of Ordinands and Candidates for ministry.  It will take some time for some of the more technical bits to go online, but for now it all seems to work.

AOCM represents all those training in Church of England colleges and courses for ministry. We aim to support students as they prepare to serve God’s church.

Go to and find out more.

Internet Evangelism Day

Just wanted to bring this event and website to your attention.

You Can Change the World: Online Outreach Really Works

With over 1000 million people already online, the potential for web evangelism is staggering. This is a day of opportunity! Please take time to look at the Internet Evangelism Day website, and find how God is using this new medium. You may have the gifts to be involved in web evangelism yourself – and surprisingly, you do not need to be technical!

God on the web

The internet is new. In the history of man it is a recent blip, but it is massively significant.

Statistics are sketchy as to exactly how many people regularly use the internet, but for many in the West daily use of the internet is a given. This is particularly true of the younger generations many of whom use the internet every day to work, every evening to contact friends and every other time to find out the answer to any question.

When setting out on a journey, many people turn first to the internet for a route, print out instructions and don’t bother with a map. When wondering about a definition of a word will search Google, leaving the dictionary undisturbed on the shelf next to them. Instead of ringing a friend in the evening people will send an email. It’s sent in a second and the recipient can pick it up when they want.

My point is this: the internet is massively significant in people’s lives and just gets more so. So many people live part of their lives online. And where people are is where the gospel needs to be preached. The message of the kingdom of God applies everywhere. has been set up to help churches as they seek to have an impact in the virtual world. Watch this space as we spell out our philosophy and give some tips for how to make the most of your website.

New Website for Emmanuel Church Bramcote

Emmanuel Website 2008

Today we published the new-look for Emmanuel Church Bramcote.

The new website is intended to follow the same basic idea as the old version (to avoid confusion for the less web-savvy). But it has a fresh, new look with some new ideas.

The big developments include support for podcasting (using podpress) which enables church members and guests to access sermons through itunes and other programs. The interface is still very simple for those uploading the sermons, but the recordings are now more widely accessible.

The new websites also contains space for adverts and easily interacts with Google calendar. As time goes on we may add new features to increase the usefulness of the site.

Have a look at

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